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  • Faramarz R. says:

    Great doctor specially with young children.

    I have been going to Dr. Maewall for years with my daughter. The office is well run and Dr. Maewall is very good with children. Working with kids requires more than skill. It requires a special understanding of how to work with them. Dr. Maewall gets what children need. For example she lets me sit next to my daughter and hold her hand. That by itself makes a world of difference to my daughter.

    The office is well run and has a warm feeling. It does not frighten kids.

    She doesn’t use mercury which is very important to me.

    The doctor is respectful and intelligently discusses options with me. There are often many options in treating a tooth. For example you could get a veneer, a crown or a filling. Among crowns there are many choices of material. I have had several crowns put on by her. In each instance we discussed the best choice based on the location and my preference. She gave me the information and I made the decision.

    Thank you, Faramarz Rabii

  • Nicholas G. says:

    Great dentist! Dr. Maewall has been my dentist since 2008. She is very professional and knowledgeable.

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